Monday, April 13, 2009

Beware of Pirates

Cap'n Evan's Treasure Chest

Pirate Tattoos

Playing Cannonball Blast AKA hot potato

Goody Bags

Place Settings

Favorite game of all the pirates

One Eyed Willie's Cupcakes

A few of you have asked to see Evan's pirate party earlier this year so I have attached a few photos. Upon arrival, all pirates received eye patches, bandanna, tattoos, and pirate rings. While waiting for the remaining guests to arrive, the kids made their own candy pirate necklaces. We played three games: pin the pirate flag on the pirate ship, cannonball blast (bought from Amazon), and Sink a Ship with pirate cannonballs. The winners received small treasure chests with gold chocolate coins. The final event was the treasure hunt which contained several clues which lead to the treasure chest pinata.

We created a kiddie cocktail called the Jolly Roger with "sharks blood" in skull & crossbones ice cubes (cherry juice) & Sprite, garnished with a sword of cherries. (the kids loved it) For Captain Evan’s Birthday Feast we served: Dread Pirate Roberts Dogs, Blackbeard’s BBQ Pulled Pork & Chicken, Davy Jones Fruit Medley, Jack Sparrow’s Sweet Potato & Cranberry Salad, One Eyed Willie’s Cupcakes & Captain Hook’s 24 Karat Cake. We also rented a cool Pirate themed slide and bounce house.
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