Thursday, May 7, 2009

Wii Sports Tournament

For Jake's birthday last year, we hosted a Wii Sports Tournament. We invited the "athletes" to compete in a series of six events. The teams consisted of 4 teams of 2 players each. Upon arrival, the competitors were required to check in & sign a "players agreement" which listed the rules and requirements of the tournament. They received their team assignments & shirts & were instructed to create their Mii characters while waiting for the others to arrive.

We began the tournament with 2 teams playing each other. (The other 2 teams played on another system in the game room.) The winner progressed to the next round & waited to play the winner of the next two teams. The final round consisted of the two winning teams from each round and the winner of that round was declared CHAMPION! Prizes for each round consisted of boxes of movie sized candy.

We set up an athletes table behind the tournament area where they ate pizza & snacks while they watched the competition. The team with the most wins were awarded gold medals. For favors, the athletes were given locker bins with Gatorade, bean bag basketball, Frisbee, small gumball machines, big league chew gum, power bar, Cracker Jacks, and flashing light whistles.
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