Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Hogwarts Sweet 16

One of my sweetest friends is throwing a Harry Potter themed party for her daughters 16th birthday.  She is an amazing cook & is planning the most incredible feast for the evening. I am helping with a few details & found this great Harry Potter party from Kate Noelle & "borrowed" (she was very gracious & sweet) her Hogwarts acceptance letter for all the Hogwarts students

The sorting hat will assign the guests (who were assigned to dress as characters) into their perspective houses they will receive these cards
(I burned the edges of the cards & tea stained to give them an aged appearance)

The birthday girl has also requested a Honeydukes candy stand  for her fellow wizards in training.  I have been looking for an old train cart to serve it on but haven't had much luck.  I found these pops yesterday on Halloween clearance-aren't they perfect?

I am thinking of calling them Parseltongue Pops-what do you think?
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