Monday, November 29, 2010

Todays Creative Blog Gamestop Winner

So late last night I am in the laundry trenches, scrolling through my phone reading emails & I see an email from Kim of Todays Creative Blog saying I won the $250 gift certificate giveaway from GameStop!  I literally started jumping up & down & screaming like a crazy person!  My winning comment was:

"My boys are HUGE gamers (my son even made it to Pokemon DS Nationals this year) so this would be so PERFECT for our family! The game list is long in our household so I will pick one for each boy. My youngest wants the udraw tablet for Wii, my oldest wants Kirby’s Epic Yarn, & my hubby wants NBA 2K11! Thank you & GameStop for hosting such a great giveaway! Happy Thanksgiving!"

 I am SO thrilled & excited!  A HUGE Thank you  to Todays Creative Blog & GameStop for making it a fun, gaming Christmas for our family!

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