Thursday, February 3, 2011

Heart Doilies

I am making these heart doilies for coasters for our Bunco night next week.  They are made from simple, paper napkins & would look cute under cupcakes on your dessert table too!  I am also thinking they would make a cute skirt for bottled drinks or cute garland idea if made out of cardstock.

1. Position a prefolded square paper napkin so that the closed corner faces you.
2. Fold right corner toward left corner and flatten, forming a triangle.
3. Fold left corner toward triangle's longest side and flatten, forming a narrower triangle.
4. Using scissors, cut a convex arc from triangle to create top of half a heart.
5. Cut off bottom of triangle from left to right to create lower heart half, leaving at least 1/4 inch intact on right edge. (Left side of triangle will be center of a heart.) Unfold.
6. Repeat with napkins in several colors, varying position of cuts to create doilies in different sizes

(photos from Martha Stewart)
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