Monday, April 11, 2011

Pom Pom Bears

I can not get over the fuzzy cuteness of these pom pom teddy bears by Sweet Paul.  Wouldn't this be the sweetest party craft?

What you’ll need:

One medium-size pom-pom
One large pom-pom
Four small pom-poms
Two tiny pom-poms
Glue gun
Braided wool

Start with hot gluing the medium pom-pom (for the head) to the large pom-pom (for the body). Glue on four smaller ones—two for the arms and two for the legs. To finish, glue on the last tiny pom-poms for the ears.
Hot glue button eyes and nose in place.
Wrap the neck with a piece of braided wool for the scarf.

(Photo by Alexandra Grablewski)
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