Monday, November 11, 2013

Honor & Grace

I am honoring my grandparents today for their service to our country. My grandmother,  Katherine Steer was a WAC in WWII.  She ran away from home, because she didn't want to marry the local farmer her parents picked out for her, and joined the Army. 

She was stationed at San Antonio, Texas, where she did office work and posed for an occasional war poster.  Funny thing about this picture: she couldn't drive! :) 

My grandfarher, Elmer James McDermott, Jr., was a lieutenant in the Army Air Corp.  He wanted to be a pilot, but had really bad asthma.  So he was made a weatherman and stationed for a time on an island off the coast of Alaska.  When he returned, he was then stationed in San Antonio.  He fell in love with my grandmother & they were married in the chapel of the Alamo.

To all our Veterans, thank you to you & your families for your service & countless sacrifices. 
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