Saturday, May 30, 2009

SUPER party

Super invites from LilaB's Shop on Etsy
Fine Stationery Superhero Invites

Super Hero cake from GeekCakes

Super cupcakes from Geek Cake

Pinwheels from Cupcake SocialSuper hero capes from Dax & Kai's party

Inspiration board from BirthdayGirlBlog

Swanky Tables Super Hero Style
Super Swanky Tables scape

More Heros Via The Party Dress

Create your own superhero like Shim & Sons

Shim & Sons Super Emblem, Cape, & Mask

Amber wrote in & asked for a few super hero ideas for her five year olds birthday party. Create a custom comic coloring book with the birthday boy as one of the main characters. A great keepsake is to have super hero capes for all the kids. Tie each cape around the kids chairs as part of the decor. Kids can decorate super hero masks for a fun craft project at the party. Create a menu named after super heros (ex. "Super" Hero sandwiches, Captain America Chips, Ironman Ice Cream, etc..) And be sure to check out the above posting super hero parties for more ideas-I love the party from Shim & Sons where she created a super hero character inspired by her son. She tied the emblem and color scheme into the entire party & it was "super" cute! Hope this gives you a few ideas to get started!
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