Monday, July 13, 2009

Cheree's Jubilee

love the "just married" behind the bridal table

love the custom napkins

yummy lollipop trees

festive favor table

I love the color palette and design of Cheree & Jeff's wedding! I adore the lollipop stands which you can buy from her website! While you're there, check out her amazing stationery line!
(photos via Martha Stewart Weddings)


The Sign Lady said...

Your blog is lovely! I found you through Beautiful Blogs and even though your layout design is nice, the content that you've put into it is what will be bringing me back.
Love the cute wedding stuff, and the Harry Potter post... awesome!
See ya later

lisalyn said...

I do love those lollipop trees too! :) Lovely wedding!

Your blog is just amazing. Great inspiration.

Checked out Martha's ideas and I may be using some of them. My niece still prefers a Strawberry Shortcake party so this is going to have to be a pretty good party to end up with a happy girl. (Mom is choosing Monkey over Strawberry Shortcake). c

Simply Creative Insanity said...

Love the custom napkins and lolipop trees! Thanks for sharing!