Sunday, July 12, 2009

A Visit to Hogwarts

Calling all Muggles: Universal Studios is opening the wizarding world of Harry Potter in 2010! Honeydukes, Three Broomsticks & Hogwarts-OH MY! Visit the site at:

Until then, Denise at Little Ant Design created a magical way to enjoy the screening of the new Harry Pottery Movie!
Hogwart Express Tickets

Sealed & ready for owl delivery

Take out from Three Broomsticks & treats from Honeydukes
You can follow her journey on & you'll love all her ideas! She is incredibly talented & creative!


denise said...

Thanks for the mention on your blog.

My kids are all anxious to check out the new amusement park when it opens - I have a family of Potter fanatics living in my house.

Amanda said...

Great ideas! We love Harry Potter and cannot wait to see Half Blood Prince.

I love your blog design and gave you some "love" on my design blog.

Kendra said...

I love these, too! I just featured them on my blog, today! You do have a great collection of beautiful things on your blog!