Sunday, August 9, 2009

Silhouette Bulletin Board

I saw this on Country Living this morning & thought it would be great to do for the entire family! Instead of my huge cork board holding all our activities, I can keep each individual's events & activites together. Now the challenge is if I can get a side profile of Coco our pug.... STEP 1. Download and print our profile templates, then use a photocopier to enlarge them by 130 percent.
STEP 2. Center each enlarged profile on an 11- by 17-inch corkboard ($4.99 per board;, and trace around it with a pen.
STEP 3. Working on a protected surface, such as a chopping block or self-healing mat, slowly score the pen lines with an X-Acto knife. Because of the cork's thickness, you'll need to go over each cut several times before slicing all the way through.
STEP 4. Spray the silhouettes with two coats of flat black paint, let dry overnight, and hang with adhesive mounting strips ($2.49 for nine;
Download the profile templates here.
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