Tuesday, October 20, 2009

We've Been Boo'd!

Sunday night, there was a frantic knock on our door. We opened the door to find a ghostly package filled with Halloween treats & a note from the goodie ghost! Every year in our community, neighbors and friends play the Boo'd game. For those of you who are not familiar, it starts with an anonymous gift left on your doorstep. Inside the package are Halloween goodies, a "We Have Been Boo'd" sign, and a list of instructions. It is then your turn to select 2 families in your neighborhood, make ghostly goodie bags,copies of the instructions & We've Been Boo'd sign (the sign is to hang in your window or front door to let others know that you have already been boo'd).
My boys love delivering their ghostly gifts! This is what my stealth ninjas delivered last night to their friends:

Our Boo buckets we gave contained Halloween cupcake mix & frosting, Ghost Peeps, silly string, glow sticks, & lollipops. It is a fun tradition we look forward to every year! Why not start one in your neighborhood, office, or family?
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