Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Harry Potter Weekend

The boys were so THRILLED during our Stay for A Spell Weekend at the Westin Kierland.  When we arrived at the resort Friday, the boys were sent over to HP Headquarters to pick up their magical bag that was filled with a wand, HP glasses, Honeydukes candy & the Quibbler which listed the events for the weekend.  Here are my two Harry's trying out their glasses & wands (PS  I FORGOT my camera, can you belive it?!!!  Thank goodness we all have camera phones now, pics aren't great but the memories are)

They began with a treasure hunt in which the boys ran around the hotel & acquired collector pins on their lanyards

we spent the rest of the afternoon/evening swimming & watching Harry Potter movies. At 9:00 Saturday morning, we boarded the platform at 9 3/4 for the final HP movie at the Scottsdale IPic. The theater was AMAZING & we LOVED the bittersweet to see it all end.  We went to a yummy lunch & headed back to the resort so the boys could attend Professor Slughorn's Candy Potion Class.

After candy potion class, we competed in the family Tri-Wizard Tournament.  Jake loved the Muggle pie eating contest

although we did not win, we still had so much fun!

We worked up quite an appetite after the Triwizard competition & went down to feast at the Leaky Cauldron.  The Butterbeer was cool & refreshing after a day at Hogwarts & the feast was delicious!  We ended the evening with yummy Honeydukes S'mores & pumpkin juice by the fire.

Sunday morning, we attend Professor McGonagalls class & won the HP trivia contest!  After, the boys participated in the Horocrux Treasure hunt & were the first to complete the hunt!  The boys spent some time in Game on Wheels playing video games until it was time for the Quidditch Cup!  I am happy to report that my youngest captured the Golden Snitch & won for Team Gryffindor!

It was truly a magical weekend for our entire family & my boys said it was the BEST HP weekend ever!
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