Monday, September 24, 2012

Margarita bar

I set up this fun margarita bar for my hubby's 40th birthday bash this weekend! I commissioned this painting from Chandler artist Kathleen Escobedo. We based the design on the skull art on Dia De Los Muertos. The skull in the painting represents my husband, with the ASU pitchfork, the eyes are the logo of his favorite band, the spade for the nose represents his love of cards with a heart, diamond & club around it as well. Below in the cards is me, the queen on hearts, Jake & his computer, Evan in his jersey with a basketball and the remaining cards have a 40 for his 40th birthday. He loves cigars so of course we had to add that & with in the cigar smoke is his favorite saying "here's to life" which is from his favorite song! He loved the painting and all the thought that went into it. It was a wonderful way to personalize his special day!
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