Monday, July 1, 2013

July 4th Treats

It is incredibly hot here in Arizona, 118 degrees over the weekend.  Yeah that's right, 118 people!  I am dreaming of ice cream but within a couple of minutes, you're left with a lovely bowl of soup.  I decide to make a Rice Krispie ice cream cone for the 4th that can hold up to our Arizona summers.  I scooped the Rice Krispie treats with an ice cream scoop, drizzled white chocolate on top, added a few sprinkles & topped with candy star.  
These cones are also filled with a little candy!  I dipped the cones in red & blue candy melts & covered in sprinkles.  Before I added Rice Krispie scoop, I filled the cones with star candy.  It actually helps weigh down the cone so it doesn't fall over from the weight of the top. 
                                                                So cute & super yummy! 
                                                     Happy 4th everyone! 

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