Thursday, October 17, 2013

What Does The Fox Say Pumpkins

I know a sweet little girl who is currently obsessed with foxes & the "what does the fox say" song.  She also loves all things cute & not scary for Halloween. So I thought I would surprise her with a pumpkin fox!  Well, two foxes because I didn't know if she wanted a boy or girl.  So...I created Farra & Felix Fox-the cutest fox pumpkins ever!

They were so simple to make.  Start with a couple pie pumpkins (I just liked the shape of these best, you can choose whatever type of pumpkin you like). Wash the pumpkins & dry thoroughly.  I painted a base coat & a few more for good coverage.  (Allow plenty of dry time in between coats). 

Once the base coats dry, attach your fox felt ears.  I used orange & white felt. I cut 2 sizes of ears with the orange being slightly bigger than the white. I glued the white ear onto the orange & attached the ears to the pumpkin with a small pin. I then painted the face on in a white heart shape. 

I glued a small black Pom Pom on for the nose & drew the eyes & mouth on with a black sharpie. And viola, Felix the Fox was born! 

For Farra, I added polka dot bows to her ears & a little sparkle blush with glitter & pink paint.  Cause every girl loves a little sparkle!

I loved the way they turned out! Which is your favorite:  Farra or Felix?  And my kids want to know: what does the fox say? 

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