Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Kids, Play With Your Food!

A few of you commented on how much you liked the bento boxes I posted yesterday! I started thinking, what can put in bento boxes a little more fun for the kids? And then I discovered a bento box contest from Weird Asian News-I had no idea anything like this exisited.

For the younger ones, I found these....

two little piggies from daily cuteness

my 11 year old would love this super mario design

eat your veggies

for the newlyweds


The Nice One said...

WOW. Those are INCREDIBLE....whoa.

mommy4life said...

Too stinkin cute!!! Thanks for coming by my blog today!

CAKE Creative Co. said...

no way! i'm blown away by the creative genius behind these.

amber said...

Oh my goodness!
These are so CUTE!!!!!!