Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Marshmallow Letters

Did I mention that is HOT here in Phoenix?  I am avoiding turning on the oven at all costs but need projects to keep my kids from driving me crazy busy.  Have you seen the Stacker Marshmallows that are flat & rectangular & perfect for S'mores (seriously why didn't someone come up with this before)?

Do you know how easy they are to cut with scissors?

And how messy fun they are to dip & sprinkle?  My kids have managed to cover the entire kitchen floor in red, white & blue sprinkles.

We placed them in the refrigerator to set up before we packaged them with ribbon & Fourth of July tags from my favorite girls at TomKat Studio

 We placed them in cute star buckets & are now ready to deliver to our friends!

Tomorrow we are making marshmallow flags (which is my 9 year olds idea) we'll let you know how they turn out! :)


staci @ lizard n ladybug said...

ACK!!!! I knew there was something to do with those flat marshmallows!!
Thank you for the brilliant idea!

Christine {Pure Joy} said...


Lorie said...

Such a fun idea!

lundaylove said...

Love the buckets, could you tell me where you found them?